Why Writers Shouldn’t Be Lone Rangers

Image by chamomile | morgueFile.com

Image by chamomile | morgueFile.com

The blogosphere can be a bit lonely, truth be told. Not too long ago, I was on a crusade to find other Christian poet bloggers. I had almost given up all hope when I found Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros her on the Compel Training forum. When I read her poetry, I let out a giant “Yahoo! I found my people!” (There might have been some break dancing too.)  Since then, we’ve collaborated, introduced each other to new writing friends, and been sister cheerleaders. That’s why I’m thrilled to be over at her blog sharing about one of the biggest challenges for writers: community. 

In the post, I talk about the fears and surprises I experienced when I recently joined a local group of writers. I also share:

  • The deep-felt need that keeps some of us typing away.
  • What keeps us from sharing the writing journey.
  • Why we’re so much better together.
  • How to embrace community.

There’s a stereotype that writers are loners, like the iconic American cowboy. Riding the range, independently living by one’s own strength. But great writers have always drawn from each other, tapping into the incredible power of collaboration and community. When we view writing as a connecting art instead of a cloistered activity, we tap into our greatest strength.

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March 30, 2016