Trust: You’ve Got This One, God…Don’t You? // Day 9


Photo by Darren Hester

You’ve got this one, God,
Like you have the ropes holding up
A swaying bridge I crossed
Over a hundred foot drop
As I trusted you wouldn’t let me fall to
My death on rocks below.

I’m here
Writing this.
So yes, you had that one.

You’ve got this one, God,
Like the day a semi barreled through
An intersection, red light run.
I told my daughter to get on her seatbelt
Because she forgot to buckle.
We didn’t go when it was our time
To pass through the green.
We could have died.
You had that one.

You’ve got this one, God,
I said when my grandmother died of brain cancer
You’ve got this,
When I learned painful secrets from a friend
And my world turned inside out.
You’ve got this, God
When I want to cut the cord of trust,
The bridge falling into waves,
Rocks, and doubts below.

I feel like you’ve fallen into the sea
And you’ll never come.

Then I feel a hand in mine
And you lead me across thin whipping air
Nothing under our shoes
But faith and we are walking to the other side.

This is Day 9 of 31 days of poetry.

What do you struggle to trust God with?

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October 9, 2015