Invite Shame to a Safe Space

by Christina Hubbard

Send shame an invitation to come

Where she can vent.

Your table.

Your patio.

Your couch.

She comes, (which never surprises,

She’s always there,”

Listen to her spew

Sad tales: cannots,

Shoulds, shouldn’ts

Would haves and won’ts.

Look her in the eye

See her.

Really, see her.

Squeeze her wanting hand

Then simply, curiously ask, “Why?”

She will either flounder

Or flee.

Love from a Fellow Creative

Most of my life, I’ve defined myself as “less-than.” It’s only as I’ve braved pursuing a heart desire to write that God has brought me face-to-face with that lie and dismantled it in my heart. As I learn to write WITH Him, He’s showing me who I am in His eyes—beloved, precious. And, as I trust Him with this journey—trusting His direction and His timing—He offers peace and confidence to walk in the creativity He’s gifted me (us) with. —Jeanne Takenaka, writer and photography-lover. Jeanne Takenaka.

God, who gets invited

to dinner at your place?

How do we get on your guest list? —Psalm 15:1 (MSG)

Get curious about your shame tapes. See what compassion can do.

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October 12, 2017