Rest Because You Are Called

by Christina Hubbard

Because rest stretches our patience,

We fight.

Because it causes us to trust,

We hesitate.

Because it requires us to face frailty,

We ignore.

Because if we let enough be enough,

We are remade.

Love from a Fellow Creative

For the past year or so, I’ve been struggling in my writing, questioning if it’s my calling. God faithfully reminds me of the Parable of the Talents in Matthew (25:14-30).  He says, don’t quit, don’t waste the talents I have given you.  It gives me courage in the stormy chaos to keep moving forward, even if I am unsure of the way, or the answer is silent for now.

Michelle Alvarez, writer & artist.

Because on that day he rested from his work, all the creating God had done. Genesis 2:3 MSG

Because he has made you a co-creator, can you picture yourself moving forward by resting in your calling?

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October 25, 2017