Offer Yourself & Show Up: On Friendship // Day 17


Photo by hotblack

There are days I’m not sure

Who to be friends with,

Like high school,

When I wondered if anyone liked me 

Or I looked good enough.

As an adult, living with responsibilities,

I push

The offer

Of friendship

Aside to find who I am

Because if feels easier,

Less complicated

Than texts, worries, and

What did she mean by that?

That is never an offer of friendship:


The offer, the give, and take keeps me

Awake and praying

For you,

With you,

Spurring me on to offer myself as a heart,

An ear,

A hand

On any given day,

The offer is not take,

It’s give and balance and we share 

This burden without back biting

And comparison.

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Today’s writing prompt was “offer.” This post is Day 17 of 31 Days of Poetry.

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October 17, 2015