Hope Past Your Ideals

by Christina Hubbard

How does a girl get to hope?

How does she stretch gaze to the unseen,

The point where “Here I am!” and “Help!” melt

Into a horizon line,

Clear as smog,

Or taken o’er by sun’s blinding shine,

Or building-blocked,

Or heart-locked,

Where every expectation of how far her influence stretches

To earth’s edge

And falls without a sound forever

Into vast space

Where dark is as light?

She looks,

As long as it takes.

She makes,

As much as she is able.

Love from a Fellow Creative

Many years ago, I was struggling with a book idea. I was feeling uncertain I was worthy of writing a book about seeking intimacy with God in the midst of motherhood. I told my friend and mentor, Ruth, “These truths and principles have already been written by other people. They’re basic principles of prayer and study and quiet time, which I’m calling solitude. But it’s the same thing. Others have written at length about them. Why would I bother to write about them again?” 

 She leaned in and said something to this effect (she might have been quoting someone else, but I heard it from her): “Ann, every new generation needs to hear timeless truths from fresh, new voices. You could be that fresh, new voice taking those timeless truths to your generation. I believe it is you.” 

 Even if she could write it or Ruth Bell Graham, who was still alive at that time, she pointed out that she and Ruth would use different vocabulary, different analogies, different stories. The truths coming from me, she said, would speak the language of the day to the women who wouldn’t as easily receive it from the generation before.

 Now this could lead to another discussion or debate about why our generation isn’t listening to or seeking out insight and truth from previous generations, but the main point is the one I want to pass along to you today. Write with confidence and courage, pouring your personality, your stories–your very self–into your project. We all need to hear truths from someone who speaks our language and understands our world. You could be that fresh, new voice called to speak timeless truths to your generation. So…write. Someone needs to hear from you.

-Ann Kroeker, writing coach & editor. AnnKroeker.com.

Wait, Israel, for God. Wait with hope.

Hope now; hope always! —Psalm 131:3 MSG

What are you hoping for in your art?

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October 4, 2017