Here: Getting Lost Together

{Getting Lost Together: #RoadTrip2015}


Here. Then there. We rolled over four thousand miles in 3 weeks in a Honda minivan to come back here. We left looking for adventure and respite. We needed beaches, shells, family, and my mama’s back scratches.image

The call to getaway and to retrieve our lost selves on the road won out for the third year strong.image

We get funny looks when we say we have no dates and no agenda, but we like it that way. When we come home, we appreciate what we have in each other, what our eyes have seen together, and the annoyances and laughter we gave each other with hearty elbow punches as only loved ones can give.image

After we rolled out our sleeping bags on flat mattresses and slept in cute little wooden cabins on the way there and back, we built a fire and roasted white sweetness on a stick. We were together.image

The cicadas and the night called us out under spanning skies and we were free to love like the poems we write with our living, breathing, being here, in the mess and flow of our noisy, truthful selves. Here with you, my little tribe, is always better than There without.

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August 7, 2015