You Can Heal Even When Pain Is Swallowing You Whole


I am running. Yesterday I jogged and walked around the black paved track at the park for a full thirty minutes. I think I could have gone longer.

Here’s the kicker: today I don’t hurt. I have waited for this revelation for such a long time:

I am starting to HEAL.

The Halt

//It was on that track when I first felt the pinched nerve which halted all my activity. Then doctor visits and heavy doses of Ibuprofen for pain. At the same time, my once-resilient spirit failed me. Friendships weren’t happening as quickly as I wanted them to. A sense of home stopped growing roots. Resentments built in my heart toward the people I love most.

My life stopped growing when I stopped moving.Tweet This

So much sorrow followed. Too much loneliness and anxiety I thought I couldn’t bear it at times. But back in the corner of my mind, I remember how much I loved to stretch and breathe when I was pregnant with my little girl. When she was in my belly, we did yoga, and I felt good.

Tapping into that memory, I rolled out my blue mat, and moved ever so slowly and ever so gently, even if it was just for 10 minutes.//

It didn’t happen in a blink, in days, or even months, it was years: but starting to move helped me to heal. I pushed myself at first because I thought I was strong, and my body rebelled so much I had to stifle the scream some days.

There were days I had to stop.

But I knew if I quit moving, I would die. My body, my mind, and my spirit—the whole of me had to keep reaching toward God and keep moving, whatever that meant.

This summer as I worked on a book project, the themes of loneliness and suffering rose to the surface. I suppressed them because who wants to read that anyway? My friends who were editing said, “We do.”

So I kept moving. The words poured out. Things started to happen.

Wounds started to heal.

I found the power to begin forgiving myself and those around me for unrealistic, unmet expectations. Deep breaths moved through my lungs when the kids were at their darnedest. I am laughing at my kerfuffles for what seems like a first in fifteen years.

I am running! I never thought I would run again. The pain was that deep. I once imagined it would hold me in its suffocating grip forever.

I am running. I am running. Yes, I am running. And I will not stop moving. Ever.

God-breathed Words

Thank you to my dear friend, Kate Motaung, who faithfully creates the Five Minute Friday one-word challenge. Those words must be God-breathed because they always stir up parts of me I never thought were there. (I never write for just five minutes lately. // indicates the start and stop of the timer). If you’re always saying, “I’ll make time to write,” you’ve got five minutes right now. Join us.

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September 9, 2016