When You Crave Brave: Gutsy Girls Giveaway


Maybe it was when I talked myself into climbing the steep slippery hill with the kids despite fearing I would tumble right back down. Perhaps it was feeling hot tears on my cheeks when I looked in the therapist’s face and said, “I don’t want to live afraid anymore.” Or maybe it was seeing my daughter skip with abandon in the surf and later capturing her satisfaction in a piece of sea glass. It was most definitely watching three gutsy girls huddled around my laptop their eyes glued to a virtual tour of Corrie Ten Boom’s hiding place. Yes, it was that a thousand times over.





When we crave brave, we long for our ordinary selves to do extraordinary things despite our circumstance.

Most of us don’t see ourselves as very fearless. In fact, we might not even believe what we do matters. I once asked a friend what she saw in my writing and my life that inspired her. She said, “You take risks.” Say what? I didn’t see myself as bold or brave, I saw myself as rather incomplete. What she saw was a woman who took steps of faith and defied expectations by choosing to homeschool and uprooting her family so her husband would have more time with the family. (That’s what she told me anyway.)

My friend Amy L. Sullivan defines brave as GUTSY.

gutsy \guht-see\ adjective: brave, courageous, daring.

Showing determination even when your heart beats fast, your hands grow sweaty, and you fear failure.


When we crave brave, we live gutsy despite how we feel.

We get up off the stump and climb that perilous hill! Hear me, acrophobia? I defy you! We go ahead and admit our true feelings and failings to the nice therapist, let ourselves weep, and remember the guts it took to drive ourselves there. Of course, we look at our ordinary daughters and tell them yes, you can change the world with your gifts! Then we invite others to crave brave with us. We stop worrying what we look like or how crazy our ideas might seem or how silly scared we are most days.img_20161123_142618

We remember what we really need is one friend to crave brave and lead the way, so we go first.Tweet This


I’m giving away one copy of Amy’s third Gutsy Girls book highlighting the life of Fanny J. Crosby. Fanny is one of my childhood heroes: a blind songwriter and poet who penned over 9,000 hymns! Yeah, she was pretty awesome.

This giveaway has ended. 


This post is part of the Five Minute Friday one-word writing prompt challenge on Kate Motaung’s blog. We write for 5 minutes on one word. This week was CRAVE. Join us here!

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December 2, 2016