What’s Dark Will Grow

by Christina Hubbard

I know I am not good enough and neither are you. But God. Still, how does one grow from such newly-sprouted knowledge? Live from tender tendrils trying to grasp on to a firm, guiding rail? We start our journey in autumn, when things will soon surrender to winter, but we are green. Oh, so green.

We will be cut back again and again by shaming wind and bitter doubt. Winter will humble our unfurling foilage down to the crown of our roots.

Did you know, fall is the best time to plant trees and bushes? Winter, fierce as it is, beds what’s underground in protection unseen. Layers of soil, mulch, and snow cover what we know is finding it’s way deeper and deeper. Stay put. Even when you feel like you are dying, wondering if you will see the end, He is adapting what’s dark for the utmost thriving revival.

Love from a Fellow Creative

The Enemy loves it when I sit down to write and instead am paralyzed by comparison or stopped by self-doubt. I recently returned to blogging after a long absence and more often than I care to admit, have found myself drowning in feelings of inadequacy.

I’m confident we all have days when the doubts and whispers rise up, and I wonder if you, like me, might need a little encouragement for the journey when they do. When we surrender our writing to our Creator, we can be reenergized by the truth that He created a writing lane of influence specifically for each one of us.  He has uniquely gifted us with this calling to write and placed us here to share our stories for exactly such a time in history as this. As Jo Saxton likes to say, “Your calling is calling!”

So together, let’s recommit to owning our stories as well as our influence.  Let’s press into our fears and continue to show up and write.  May we practice the courage of connection as we seek to find our flocks of fellow writers.  Let us promote and cheer wildly for one another as we press forward in this worthy pursuit. Our words matter, and we are absolutely on this creative journey together.

–Sarah Leimer, a writer & seeker of beauty. Sarahleimer.wordpress.com.

And I’m an olive tree, growing green in God’s house. I trusted in the generous mercy of God then and now. —Psalm 52:8 MSG

How is God growing His enough-ness in your roots?

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October 17, 2017