Green: God Uses Inexperience To Water the World // Day 16

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Young stem, shoot growing up,

Hold fast to your roots,

Stretch your face to the sun.

Dear one, you who reflect the God we worship

With pools of brown and green in your eyes,

Reminding me how deep,



We all are,

In relation to the universe,

Which is perhaps

How we are to feel every day—

Newborn, green,

Slightly wet,

Dew on leaf

Rolling off to land

Where Almighty wind blows

Our leafy landing pad.

We slide off 

With a tiny splash

God uses to water the world.

Thank you for reading along these 31 Days of Poetry. Today’s post is also a part of Five Minute Friday where I write with other creatives for just five minutes, unedited.

God uses the small, unassuming, and green to water the world, one drop at a time.Tweet This

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October 16, 2015