Family: Blood, Bones & Ties That Bind // Day 2

31 days of poetry

During October, I am writing 31 days of poetry. This post is Day 2 of  the Five Minute Friday community challenge to write on one word for 5 minutes. Usually I do this just on Fridays, but during October, I’m challenging myself to write daily.

Here goes.

Family is blood, and bones, and ties that bind,
It is more than all this: choosing.
Adopting, inviting.

I grew up with a family of four, a mom, dad, and sister.
We saw grandparents, aunts, uncles once, maybe twice a year.
This was family.

As I changed and life stages morphed into schools and leaving home
And finding the love of my life
My immediate family drew away with the miles and the states
My husband now my family, his far away too.


Then friends from this strange place called church weaved their way into our lives
And they stuck like glue for 10 years.

We loved them and held them tight like our children,
Not replacing blood, but expanding it
In our veins.

We moved down the road a good 40 miles,
And our family felt severed
So we began planting seeds
Of ourselves wherever there was dirt.

The growing is slow
The family comes in small spurts of flowers springing up next to us,

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October 2, 2015