31 Dates with God


Moving towards God is a lot like learning to ride a skateboard at age 37. It can be more than a little intimidating. There’s scooting, balancing, and, of course, falling. We talk about God a lot, but how many of us really experience his transforming love on a daily basis?  It’s been a struggle for me. That’s why for the 2016 #Write31Days challenge, I decided to date God for 31 days.

I vowed to bring my whole self: both the gentle, poetic side and the more brazen, rebellious side.

Each day is a raw conversation between me (a grown Christian woman who thought she had God and his love pretty well figured out) and the tender God of the universe. It’s a journey from independence to surrender, from proving myself to the world to deeply experiencing God’s love afresh. It takes determination to get back on the skateboard with God every day, but it takes even more grace to let yourself fall into his arms.

I hope my story will inspire you to move towards the adventure of God’s love and experience it again, or maybe, for some, like your first kiss.

My posts for the 2016 #Write31Days challenge 

(Links go live with each corresponding date in October.)

When You’d Rather Roll, Not Walk {Day 1 :: WALK}

Don’t Wash This Out {Day 2 :: PAINT}

No Frumpy on These Hangers {Day 3 :: WARDROBE}

Brew, A Prayer {Day 4 :: BREW}

Don’t Break the Silence {Day 5 :: SILENCE}

Be the You We Love {Day 6 :: YOU}

Failing the Test: FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY {Day 7 :: TEST}

Just Try to Muddle Up Grace {Day 8 :: MUDDLE}

Stick It Like A Post-It {Day 9 :: POST-IT}

Wild God, Unknown Territory {Day 10 :: UNKNOWN}

Thanks Is This Writer’s Drug {Day 11 :: THANKS}

Sky Blue Atmospheric Mystery {Day 12 :: SKY}

Aware Enough to Be Alive {Day 13 :: AWARE}

Mail Me a Letter, God: FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY {Day 14 :: MAIL}

Move Me Down the Mountain {Day 15 :: MOVE}

Little Praise from Such as These {Day 16 :: LITTLE}

Transcend the Study. Be the Story. {Day 17 :: STUDY}

No Perfect Neighbor {Day 18 :: NEIGHBOR}

To Be Noticed {Day 19 :: NOTICE}

Take Back Your Weekend {Day 20 :: WEEKEND}

Walk, Park, Peace, in That Order FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY {Day 21}

When off Is Good {Day 22 :: OFF}

God Grows Beauty from Our Blowouts {Day 23 :: BLOWOUT}

Bust the Self-Made Epicenter. Go Global. {Day 24 :: GLOBAL}

When You Ask for a Sign {Day 25 :: SIGN}

Confront the Empty {Day 26 :: CONFRONT}

You Are the Gathered Bouquet {Day 27 :: BOUQUET}


I Think He Likes Me {Day 29 :: DATE}

I Can’t Cut This Part Out {Day 30 :: CUT}

We’re All a Bunch of Onlys {Day 31 :: ONLY}

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